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THIS IS 100% FREE – Seating is limited to 200 attendees

The Cash Kings Arbitrage, the biggest Matched Betting company in Australia, was co-founded by two at-the-time university students – Evan Tsaboukos & Nikhil Victor.

Having experienced years in the Matched Betting industry, it became apparent that this was an area well-hidden from the rest of society. Thus, the idea of creating an educational entity was born.

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Despite the skepticism around Matched Betting, the company has quickly grown over the past year due to the success of its members. The Cash Kings have assisted over 5,000 people with making hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars per week with a complete edge over the online betting agencies. The best part, most members had no existing experience at all with online bookmakers!

Aravind T – Entrepreneur

"There are so many gamblers out there and people involved in sports betting. Sure, you can make the odd big win, but the majority of times you lose and lose big. This is why betting companies make millions of dollars of hard-earned taxpayer's money. Here, there is a risk-free method which not only puts the hard-earned taxpayer's money to good use, but it can also result in hundreds of dollars in profit at 0% risk. That's right, 0% risk. Win, lose or draw, you will NEVER lose money. By using this method you will make money 100% guaranteed. Personally, I have made over 2 grand in the space of a couple of weeks. If you're smart - you will join up today!!"

John L – Full Time Worker

“The sophistication of this setup is as professional as you’d find, period. These guys have a serious passion for what they do and it shows when you experience the extra mile they go in customer service. I’ll admit, I was pretty anxious taking this online punt.. until I experienced these guys, if you’re doubting this being genuine, give them a chance to prove you wrong. You definitely won’t be disappointed”

Alexander R – University Student

The Cash Kings method is a foolproof way of making extra, risk-free income with a detailed step-by-step approach and a high degree of assistance from the skillful team. I'd recommend this product to anyone with some spare time on their hands and an eagerness to beat the bookies! "

THIS IS 100% FREE – Seating is limited to 200 attendees